Are saturated fats healthy?

An American study of 12,000 men that concluded that there was a correlation between the consumption of saturated fats and cardiovascular disease. The government and the medical community embraced the research and encouraged people to eat more carbohydrates and less saturated fats … and even less fat in general. Just eat less fat and everything will be fine.

The result? The Americans got 10% calories from saturated fats after 30 years! At least as remarkable is the fact that since then the number of obese people has doubled!!

We eat less saturated fats (also worldwide), but we become thicker and unhealthier. Are saturated fats healthy? Today’s science says it is.

New research: Saturated fats are healthy!

Governments all over the world, including our government, still claim that saturated fats are unhealthy for us. Even major authoritarian websites, such as the Dutch Nutrition Centre and the Health Network, are stubbornly insisting that saturated fats should be left unaltered as much as possible. However…

An evaluation in 2010 of 21 studies into saturated fats, based on more than 350,000 subjects, showed that there is no relation between saturated fats and cardiovascular diseases. These are, of course, different figures than the 12,000 men from the 1970s research, which the whole world has relied on for three decades. Why doesn’t the government do anything with it? No idea!

Yes, but… the cholesterol?

Well… there is an unhealthy type of cholesterol that is not very healthy for us and that probably increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. But let me explain why that has nothing to do with the saturated fats…

You have two types of cholesterol. The HDL (the good) and the LDL (the worse). Saturated fats would be bad for you because that would increase the LDL value. Pretty logical, right?

What they haven’t told you yet is that you also have two types of LDL cholesterol. You have type A and type B. Type A doesn’t seem to be that harmful in practice, whereas type B is. Three guesses which type is predominantly in saturated fats… right! Type A.

Type B of LDL is mainly found in carbohydrates. So people who eat less saturated fats mainly lower the Type A LDL cholesterol and not the harmful Type B LDL cholesterol. In fact… They get more of that, because the diet contains more carbohydrates.

Bacon and butter can be put back on the table

Fortunately, more and more ‘independent’ health authorities are standing up and embracing the new investigations. Their advice is: Dare to put fat on the menu again!

Choose butter, eat pork, eat fat!

There is actually only one type of fat that is unhealthy and that is trans fat. Trans fats are in cake, candy, fried food, croissants, and so on. This type of fat should be avoided like the plague! It’s life-threatening and it makes us just as sick as the fast carbohydrates.

Conclusion: Saturated fats are healthy!

If we are to believe today’s science, saturated fats belong in our diet! Research shows, among other things, that saturated fats are good for your liver, because saturated fats stimulate the liver to dump fat cells, which makes the liver work more efficiently. Other studies show that saturated fats strengthen our immune system.

Finally, more and more studies show that saturated fats are healthy because they produce certain hormones that play a crucial role in restoring tissue and muscle mass… it would even have a positive effect on your performance in bed 😉

Below I have listed a number of studies for the interested party that endorse this.

Meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies evaluating the association of saturated fat with cardiovascular disease.
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