Healthy pancakes

The healthy pancake is full of proteins, contains dietary fibres and is delicious enough to stop a hysterical children’s party. And the great thing is that anyone can make it, because you put the ingredients in the blender, you heat the pan and fry it! I’ve written about the Paleo pancake before, but over the months I’ve further improved my recipe. I replaced the word Paleo with “healthy”, because for my girlfriend and son it’s just a tasty, healthy pancake.

What goes into a healthy pancake?

The beauty of the healthy pancake is that it only needs 4 ingredients, which almost everyone in the house. These are the ingredients for 4 – 6 small pancakes.

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 tablespoon cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons honey

I wouldn’t make them too big, because they are a bit less strong and just a bit heavier than a normal pancake. In practice I make them a bit bigger than coffee saucer.

Preparing the pancake

Heat the pan with some butter or oil. Do not cook the pancakes at the highest setting, but on a medium setting. This will give the pancakes a nice and even brown colour. Use a fork to occasionally check the bottom of the pancake. When the pancake is brown, you can turn it over. I use a fork to lift the pancake lightly, so I can slide the spatula underneath and turn the pancake around.

The pancakes are sweet enough to eat them without addition, but for the real sweet tooth a little honey over the pancake is a nice addition.

Why this pancake is healthy and what is wrong with the ‘normal’ pancake
The ‘normal’ pancakes are made of flour and contain fast carbohydrates that cause blood sugar spikes. If you add syrup or sugar, you have the ideal recipe for an enormous insulin peak and the subsequent dip. This ensures that after an hour you get an almost unstoppable appetite for something tasty and feel completely exhausted. In addition, the traditional pancake contains hardly any nutrients that benefit your body, which makes your body yearn for food. As far as I’m concerned enough about the ‘old-fashioned’ pancake.

The healthy pancake, unlike the traditional pancake, does contain a lot of nutrients for your body.

This is what the healthy pancake contains:

  • 112 Calories
  • 3,5 grams fat
  • 16 grams of carbohydrates (8 grams of sugars)
  • 3.2 grams of proteins

This is what’s in a traditional pancake:

  • 182 Calories
  • 5 grams fat
  • 28 grams of carbohydrates (4.5 grams of sugars)
  • 9 grams of proteins

In terms of content, the healthy pancake does not differ remarkably much from the traditional pancake. The main difference lies in the sources from which the energy is extracted. The healthy pancake mainly contains unprocessed ingredients, which means that the insulin peaks will be much smaller. In addition, the healthy pancake is also delicious without sugar or syrup and fill these pancakes much better.

The proteins in the healthy pancake come from a natural source, namely the eggs. These proteins give a full, satiated feeling and also contain healthy fats and important antioxidants. Read more about why eggs are healthy.

The banana also contains antioxidants, vitamin C and fibre. The banana also provides a feeling of satiety. The banana also makes the pancake immediately sweet.

The health benefits of eating honey regularly are unimaginable. So the question is not ‘is honey healthy?’, but how healthy is it? Let’s just say that it could have been a natural medicine as well.

Cinnamon keeps the insulin peaks under control, but also has very powerful nutrients that help to keep our body healthy. Cinnamon, for example, helps reduce bad cholesterol and research shows that people who eat cinnamon regularly reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

All in all, delicious, healthy pancakes that you will have on the table in no time. I’d say… eat tasty!

Do you also want to eat a little healthier?

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